Used Instruments for Sale

Below is a list of brass musical instruments that I have for sale at this time.  The descriptions are brief in order to keep the size of the list small.  Please call and/or email me for additional information on an instrument that you might be interested in purchasing.  On weekdays, a phone call will usually get you the quickest response even though I can’t always answer.  All descriptions and prices are subject to change without notice and each item is subject to prior sale.  I will often get a response from a customer immediately after the list is updated and popular items tend to sell quickly.  I update this list about once a week, usually Monday morning.

I prefer a cashier’s check or bank money order as payment.  I can take PayPal if necessary.  In most cases, I can pack and ship an instrument within a day or two.  Almost every instrument that I buy needs at least a small amount of cleaning, adjustment or repair.  Accomplishing this can delay the shipment of instruments at times.
Unfortunately, I cannot maintain a list of customer’s wants.  Keep your eye on my list for what you desire; you never know when it will show up.

In the list displayed below, the word "New" in the far left column indicates newly added instruments.

Sincerely,  Robb Stewart

New? instrument maker model serial date finish condition comments price

alto horn unsigned French style ca. 1875 brass good+ plays good 325

alto horn Wunderlich piston ca 1900 silver very good F and Eb 250

cornet, Bb Besson, London short 86051 1908 silver very good+ original 400

cornet, Bb Besson, London Proteano 88459 1909 silver very good valves tight 400

cornet, Bb Besson, London New Creation 128798 1926 brass very good 200

cornet, Bb Besson, London Chicago Bore 76987 1905 silver/gold very good+ all engraved 950

cornet, Bb Besson, London Enharmonic 87189 1908 silver very good+ compensating 1200

cornet, Bb Besson, London short 84684 1907 silver excellent refinished 400

cornet, Bb Boston Three Star 15891 1902 silver very good+ good player 650

cornet, Bb Boston Three Star 18219 1908 silver very good+ 550

cornet, Bb Carl Fisher short ca 1900 silver very good+ good player 250

cornet, Bb Conn Wonder 89513 1905 silver very good .449" long model 350

cornet, Bb Conn Circus Bore 131940 1913 silver good+ good player 350

cornet, Bb Courtois Arban 16686 1889 silver very good good player 400

cornet, Bb Couturier trumpet length 3352 ca. 1918 silver very good+ Conical Bore 275

cornet, Bb Couturier cornet length 2152 ca 1920 silver very good 375

cornet, Bb Distin Superior 8522/8810 ca 1895 silver/gold very good+ 750

cornet, Bb H.B. Jay Columbia 6500 ca. 1918 silver/gold very good++ complete kit 950

cornet, Bb Holton Herald 5204 1908 brass very good+ 750

cornet, Bb Holton New Proportion 37216 1916 gold very good+ original 550

cornet, Bb Holton Clarke 60082 1922 silver good+ long model 275

cornet, Bb Holton Clarke 51037 1921 silver good+ 275

cornet, Bb Holton short 1112 1904 silver/gold very good+ 600

cornet, Bb King Improved Perf. 14385 ca 1920 silver/gold very good 250

cornet, Bb Martin 10838 ca 1915 silver very good+ 325

cornet, Bb Olds The Olds 3444 1936 lacquer good+ medium bore 250

cornet, Bb Reynolds Sterling bell 3439 ca 1950 lacquer very good+ gold trim 500

cornet, Bb unsigned pocket ca. 1900 brass very good B&F 375

cornet, Eb Moennig, NY side action 1875 brass/nick very good+ presentation 2400

cornet, Eb Pepper Premier 8604 1893 silver very good 300

flugelhorn Adams FL 0.50 47998 2017 silver very exc 2100

flugelhorn Couesnon 79841 silver very good+ 1300

flugelhorn Yamaha YFH631G 430456A lacquer very exc. trigger 1500

trumpet, Bb Benge CG Pocket 20391 1976 silver very exc. original 2500
New? instrument maker model serial date finish condition comments price

trumpet, Bb Conn 27B 220037 1925 silver good+ 350

trumpet, Bb Conn Vocabell 289789 1933 lacquer good conv. Cornet 275

trumpet, Bb DEG 2098 F5252 ca. 2000 lacquer very tuning bell 1000

trumpet, Bb Taylor UK Chicago 46II Lite 41308 brass excellent red brass bell 2600

trumpet, Bb Williams 1012 ca 1940 silver very good+ 2000

trumpet, Bb Yamaha YTR-6310Z 302371 silver excellent 1750

trumpet, F German high F 120 ca 1965 silver excellent Monke? 800

trumpet, natural J. Monke Angefertigt ca 1965 brass very good+ D, C, LP and 950

trumpet, natural Meinl&Lauber Modell Tarr 1971 brass very good+ in C 950

trumpet, natural unsigned C and D ca 1960 brass very good Calicchio 450

trumpet, piccolo Benge 4P 125559 lacquer very exc 900