Olds Symphony Model Trumpet

F.E. Olds & Son introduced their Symphony model trumpet in 1933, about 5 years after their first trumpets.  They had made Symphony model trombones for more than a decade before.   These were the largest bore and bell tenor trombones they offered, so it is not surprising that the Symphony trumpet was also a larger bore than the standard trumpet that preceded it.  From the start it was offered in two valve bores: .460" (M SYM) and  .468" (SYM).  Some earlier Olds trumpets shared these bore measurements, but the Symphony has a newly designed bell that was larger through the final flare than the previous large bell as seen on the early "LM" trumpet.  This was the first model with a name other than "The Olds" and "M", "LM" etc. and it also seems to coincide with the introduction of the first Olds cornets.  These conclusions are based on the data collected by Eric Hamlin in his The Olds Register, and more data may change them.  

The photos clearly show that this example has a gold or red brass bell (higher copper content).  I haven't determined if all Olds trumpets have the same alloy bell metal, but they certainly did use other than standard yellow, or cartridge brass as we see in most trumpets today.  It is the "M SYM" (medium symphony) model with .460" bore as indicated above and with a serial number of 1374, was made in 1934.  It is 19 1/8" long (18 15/16" from bell rim to bell curve) and the bell rim diameter is 4 5/8".  The last image to the left is a page from a catalog from about the same date.