Uan Rasey's Olds Recording Model Trumpet

This trumpet could have possibly been heard by more human beings than any other.  I realize that this is a bold statement and would be impossible to prove, so let me know your ideas for the worlds most widely heard individual trumpet.  This was Uan Rasey's favorite trumpet for 26 years and was used for every important performance, recording and movie sound track during that time.  The last photo to the is from a 1954 short film: "MGM 30th Anniversary Jubilee" in which Uan can be seen holding this trumpet.  He is second from the right in the trumpet section.  

I had a conversation with Uan about this trumpet and here is what he told me:
"This Olds Recording model trumpet was made for me in 1949 shortly after I was hired by MGM.  Ruth Dallas, who was Reg Olds secretary and managed the factory for him, came by the studio to ask us if we would play Olds trumpets.  I said that I really liked the Ambassador and could do good work with it.  They wanted me to play the new Recording model but I didn't like the valves forward or the offset second valve, so they made me one using the Ambassador valve section, the bell length the same as the Super and the mouthpipe from the old Super Recording.  When the trumpet was finished, Ruth Dallas delivered it to me at the studio.  I was pretty hard on this trumpet, especially since I had to carry it while using crutches, so the extra braces on the bell and mouthpipe were helpful.  I carried it in a gym bag with a gig bag and all my mutes.  Dominic Calicchio repaired this trumpet many times.  One time I dropped it just before leaving for MGM, smashing the bell.  I stopped by Calicchio and he straightened it so I could play the job.  He put patches on the bell where my left hand would wear through.  I would wear right through these patches and he would have to replace them every year.

"This is the trumpet that I used on all those MGM dates, Billy Mays band and many other jobs until 1974 when I switched to a King Silver Flair trumpet, which I used for Chinatown.  I used the Olds for the first trumpet parts on American in Paris, West Side Story, On the Town, Singing in the Rain, My Fair Lady, Ben Hur, Spartacus and all the MGM pictures during that time."

The over all length of this trumpet is 19 7/8" (18 3/4" from the bell rim to edge of curve), the bell rim diameter is 4 11/16" and the bore measures .460".