Sansone Model Horn by Ed. Kruspe

This is the horn model that is most closely associated with the great French horn player and teacher, Lorenzo Sansone.   From what I've been able to gather from internet searches, Sansone designed this model in 1912 and played it for the rest of his life (1881-1975).  It is pitched in Bb with five valves and made entirely of nickel silver other than the brass palm brace, which was added by Mr. Sansone when new.  

The thumb valve is used for compensating for either the lower range or hand stopping (In these photos, the slides for the second and thumb valve are reversed; it is never played that way).  The fourth finger controls a valve that lowers the pitch to F.  It was a very popular alternative to full double horns and can be used for playing the same literature without loosing any quality of sound.  

I don't have any sure way of knowing when this instrument was made, but I believe that it was in the 1920s.  The previous owner was Elizabeth (Truey) True, who's parents acquired it used in the 1930s.   She played it most of her life including a few gigs with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.  The engraving on this horn reads "Sansone Model / New York / Made in Germany / 114".  It has survived in remarkably good original condition, showing very few repairs.  

Horn guru John Mason confirmed for me that it was actually made by Ed Kruspe and was almost certainly an early example of this model.   John liked it so much that he purchased it immediately and stated that of the five Bb horns that he has owned in his lifetime, this is the best.  It's actually the second that I had sold him, the first having been made by Carl Geyer.  The Geyer is a good horn, but with a noticeably smaller bell producing a smaller, brighter sound.