Holton C Trumpets in the Symphony

We normally don't think of Holton trumpets being used in major symphony orchestras, but there was a time that they were among the most popular for this use.  Used by notable players such as Adolph Herseth, Ted Weis, Edward Llewellyn, Gustave Heim and the original owners of these two examples: Benjamin Klatzkin and GerardSchwarz.  

The earlier, made in 1938 belonged to Mr. Klatzkin at the time that he played principal trumpet in the San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra.  This was after occupying the principal chair in Los Angeles and New York starting in 1912.  This trumpet later belonged to a student of Mr. Klatzkin's until I purchased it several years ago and then passed it on to Boyde Hood, who has made a specialty of collecting important player's trumpets.  

The later of these two trumpets, built in 1947, was acquired by Boyde several decades ago from Gerard Schwarz.  Before 1962, Mr. Schwarz used this trumpet extensively in the Los Angeles Philharmonic, especially for chamber pieces and where German rotary valve trumpets are now used.   He also used it in for performances and recordings with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Brass Ensemble, for Hayden, Mozart, Schumann and Schubert.  While not up to what we expect from modern, very large C trumpets, Boyde has enjoyed playing these in recitals and other more intimate occasions.

These two trumpets appear to be the same basic model, with bores measuring .458" and bells which at the time would have been considered large for C trumpets.  The wider bell flare would result in a broader, darker tone quality than the traditional French C trumpets.