Early Boston Two and Three Star Cornets

These two Boston cornets were both made around 1880, not long after the introduction of the Three Star Cornet.  Both have suffered from long years of use and second rate repairs but are mostly complete for display and research purposes.  The first is a very early silver plated Three Star, made before serial numbers were being engraved on them, with the larger (aprox. .487") bore size and fixed valve guides rather than the later three point floating guide and .472" bore, but otherwise the same as later examples.  It has some extra decorative engraving around the standard and familiar pattern.  The second cornet is a Two Star model made of German silver, which was an option for all Boston instruments at the time. This one has an early serial number that would indicate that it was made 1882 or earlier and still has the earlier fixed valve guides.  These two cornets appear to be the exact same design other than the optional material/finish and engraving.  The only detectable difference between the two models is the slightly larger bell taper of the Two Star cornet, the mouthpipes, tuning assemblies and valve sections being of the same design.  Both of these cornets are 12 1/2" long with bell rim diameters 5 1/8" and bores measuring .485".