Burbank Benge C Trumpet

This Benge trumpet was built in 1969, after Eldon Benge's death and in the last few years before the company was sold and moved from Burbank.  The original owner was Bob DiVall of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.  The last photo to the left shows that orchestra's trumpet section at that time as presented in the Benge catalog and all holding Benge trumpets.  Unfortunately, Bob is holding a Bb trumpet, so it can't be this particular instrument.  At that time, these players did favor Benge trumpets and used them extensively.  

After his retirement, Bob sold this trumpet to Tommy Stevens, although playing styles changed and he didn't use it much in the Philharmonic performances.  Before his retirement, however, Tommy did use this trumpet in the Three Tenors concert at Dodger's Stadium, which was televised internationally.  This seems good testament to Eldon Benge's trumpet design skill and a great trumpet making shop.  Tommy then traded it to Boyde Hood when he really wanted a D trumpet that Boyde had.  Now it safely resides in Boyde's rather important trumpet collection.  

This C trumpet has the MLP bore which measures .464".  The overall length is 19" (18 3/8" from bell rim to bell curve) and the bell rim diameter is 4 5/8".  The bell is Benge's #2 that was originally designed as a Bb trumpet bell, but obviously functions quite well on this instrument in C.  

I've included the third photograph to show some slight design differences between the earlier Benge trumpets, made in Chicago and those in Burbank.  The first valve slide with thumb hook on an extension, the third slide stop posts and curved knurling on the valve caps are the most obvious.  Joe Lill, on his website, goes into great detail describing the design differences as the Benge trumpets evolved.