Bach Apollo Trumpet

Before this trumpet came in for repairs, I had seen the Bach Apollo name on one other instrument: a US Regulation bugle (Military trumpet in G as it was
called at the time).  I was also aware of the name because of its appearance on the Bach serial number list that we've all seen.  I was doubting that there actually existed standard Bb trumpets of this model.   This is believed to be either the first or second of the Apollo model trumpets produced in 1925 and it does appear to be the first of Vincent Bach's numerous attempts to produce a high quality instrument at a lower price for students.  It is listed in Bach's 1925 catalog, priced at $85, when the Mercury model was $55 and the Stradivarius was $142 with the same finish.  It appears to have been refinished many years ago, but is otherwise in very good original condition.   After the needed repairs, it is quite a good playing instrument with easy response, excellent intonation and a beautiful sound.  All of this is subjective, of course, but it certainly compares very well to current professional models.  The only way that Bach was able to save production costs in his very small shop was to buy mass produced parts.  In this case it includes the valve section, slide tubes, crooks, braces and water key.  Aside from the water key assembly, these parts were all supplied by H.N White (King).   The bell and mouthpipe were apparently produced by Bach.  The bore is the same as the famous King Liberty Model trumpets at .448", the bell rim diameter is 4 3/4" and the length is 19 1/8".  This trumpet also retains its original French style case with the early Bach logo on the outside.