F.E. Olds and Son
Click here for a newly written history of Frank E. Olds and his company.
This was just completed by Olds authority R. Dale Olson, who worked for Olds in the last
two decades of that company.  He is an expert in acoustics and manufacturing of brass
Early Olds Cornet
Olds French Model Trumpet
Super Recording Trumpet and Cornet
Uan Rasey's Olds Trumpet
Mendez Trumpet Prototype
Early Olds Trombones
Early Olds Trombone
Built for Wilbur DeParis
F.E. Olds and Son Catalogs,
1925 to 1927
Olds Super Trombones
Early Evolution
Olds Trumpet and Cornet
Serial Numbers, 1928 to 1947
Early Olds Trumpets
Engraved Olds Super Bell
Olds Military Model Trumpet
Olds Trumpet Mouthpieces
Olds Trombone Mouthpieces
Early Super Olds Trumpets
Olds Symphony Model Trumpet
Irving Bush's Prototype Olds Flugelhorn
Another Hollywood Recording Olds